Everything you might want to know about the upcoming Hearthstone expansion!

Over at Hearthstone Top Decks we’ve been working hard covering everything pertaining to The Boomsday Project expansion! With the release right around the corner, we thought we’d roundup some of the things we’ve been focusing on.

To check out release times and expansion day information, take a look at our Boomsday Project Survival Guide!

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The big new addition in The Boomsday Project is the Magnetic keyword. You’ll be able to attach Magnetic cards to other mechs that are already on the board giving them its stats and keywords. Think of these as versatile minions that can either be played on their own, or that can operate as a buff spell. Learn more about this mechanic with our Magnetic Keyword Guide!

Back to TopTheorycraft Deck Guides

Our staff has been putting together a bunch of decks that could potentially be viable in The Boomsday Project! We’ve got lists with full guides discussing the cards, mulligans, and play strategy.

These decks will be further refined and the guides will be updated as we learn more about each archetype!

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We’ll be live covering all of the deck lists from pros & streamers once the expansion launches with our Boomsday Project Deck Lists post, and we’ll be rotating all of the top performing lists to our Best Boomsday Project Decks roundup!

Back to TopPuzzle Lab

If you’ve enjoyed Hearthstone’s single-player adventures in the past, then Blizzard has something new for you this time! Puzzle Lab has you attempting to solve puzzles based on finding lethal, mirroring the opponent’s board, clearing the opponent’s board, and surviving the enemies hero power!

Learn more about this mode with our Puzzle Lab Guide!